Patient self-testing interface solution

Our self-testing programme builds on INRstar’s 20 years’ of anticoagulation expertise in the NHS and is designed to give the patients the knowledge, skills and confidence to test their own INR safely at home.

We understand how busy running an anticoagulation clinic can be, so we have designed our self-testing programme to make sure that getting patients up and running takes just a few minutes. INRstar self-testing allows you to receive patients’ INR results directly into INRstar with no need for manual data entry. The patient’s INR test result is transferred seamlessly via telephone/ email web into their INRstar record for dosing. The clinician is able to dose the patient safely in INRstar and the dosing schedule is then automatically communicated to the patient (telephone/ email web).

Simply flag patients in the INRstar self-care tab as interested and the next time you see them they will have received the engage app, training and self-testing kit and, with your approval, will be ready to-self test. We can supply new patients with all the necessary equipment, including a CoaguChek XS meter, as well as support patients who already have their own CoaguChek XS.

If you would like to find out more about self-testing please get in touch  by emailing us at or calling our dedicated support line 9am-5pm Monday to Friday on +44 (0)1209 710999

Download our self-testing brochure

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“The engage support team have been very, very helpful – I think self-testing is a wonderful thing for people to be able to do... it just makes life so much easier.” Anne, 75, Cornwall engaged with us