Interfaces to all leading GP clinical systems

INRstar is the only anticoagulation management tool to interface to all leading GP clinical systems: TPP SystmOne, EMIS (LV, PCS and Web) and INPS (LAN and Aeros).

Pull new patients’ demographics in quickly and easily

We support over 2,700  anticoagulation clinics in primary and secondary care as an accredited partner and our robust interface enables you to save time and reduce the risk of data entry errors to improve patient safety. INRstar allows you to add new patients quickly and easily by automatically pulling their demographic details from the clinical system.

“The interface is absolutely seamless and is a great improvement on the last solution we used, which did not link up with our clinical system. With INRstar, you can input the INR results and these go straight into the patient’s medical record. It is so much quicker and easier than before and adding new patients is brilliant – you just click on the patient and it transfers all the details over!”
Sarah Parker, Lead Nurse, Marsh Medical Centre, Lincolnshire

Filing back to the clinical system

INRstar files back the patient’s INR test and dosing information to your clinical system.

The information filed back includes:

  • Target INR
  • Point of care INR test (Lab results are not filed back as they may already be in the clinical system)
  • INR test done by the patient (self-tested INR)
  • A description of the treatment is filed back, this includes:

– Full dosing schedule
– Treatment comments and free text notes
– Next test date
– Average dose per day
– Patients diagnosis at time of test

“We upgraded to INRstar N3, in August 2012 and have been using the interface to EMIS Web since then. Before we had the new interface, the two systems ran separately and while they worked well individually, things are a lot easier now”.
“When you enter an INR, it loads automatically onto EMIS Web, so everyone can see patient doses. We believe that is really making treatment safer. The new interface means INRstar is even quicker and easier to use than before, and I find it particularly helpful that we no longer have to wait for dose queries.”
Denise Hicks, Practice Nurse, Clifton Medical Centre, Rotherham.

Download our leaflet detailing our clinical system interfaces to discover morepdf-inrstar-interfaces-to-all-leading-clinical-systems

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