Our anticoagulation software features


As the UK’s leading anticoagulation clinical decision support software, INRstar offers a wide range of features to help clinicians run a safe and efficient service.

Our clinically risk assessed roles and permissions allow you to delegate routine tasks, giving you peace of mind that the right decisions are made by the right people.

The comprehensive audit trail details every input into INRstar, giving you networked and accurate information at your fingertips so that you have all the information you need to make safe, informed dosing decisions.

INRstar reports

Run consistent reports at the click of a button to oversee your service for National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) compliance, follow NICE guidelines on anticoagulation management and manage data required for payments.

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External Patient Lookup

External Patient Lookup allows users with the correct level of permissions to search for, view and treat anticoagulation patients who are not normally managed by them.

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INRstar analytics

Our central analysis tool allows you to monitor anticoagulation services easily and efficiently with instant access to data across all of your INRstar locations and providers.

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Direct oral anticoagulants monitoring

Support the ongoing management of patients on direct anticoagulation drugs as part of your usual anticoagulation clinic.

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Clinical system integration

Interface to all leading GP clinical systems: TPP SystmOne, EMIS (LV, PCS and Web) and INPS (LAN and Aeros).inrstar-features-and-functions-leaflet

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