Saving time and money

INRstar was designed specifically to improve patient safety, whilst making your service as efficient and effective as possible, so that you can save precious time and resources where it matters.

How can INRstar help?

INRstar is equipped with a number of features designed to improve service efficiency. These include:

Easy to use one-stop-shop

Our straightforward software supports users to get up and running quickly and easily, enter INR results and dose patients from clear and simple dosage suggestions.

“The new version of INRstar is easy to use and the nurses have been able to pick it up very quickly and easily. The new functionality and interface means that you are straight into the consultation, which saves a lot of time. INRstar is even quicker and easier to use than before.”
Francesca Stannard, IT Manager at Market Harborough Medical Centre

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Reporting functionality

Our variety of pre-installed reports support audit activity on service quality data and make invoicing easy by providing the data required for payment. They also show registered practices who do not manage their patient’s treatment reports of treatments carried out.

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Clinical system interfaces

In the interest of improving patient safety we work closely with leading clinical systems providers to deliver seamless clinical systems interfaces. INRstar interfaces to all major clinical systems, this significantly reduces workload, save users time and increases patient safety by reducing data entry errors.

“When you enter an INR, it loads automatically onto EMIS Web, so everyone can see patient doses. We believe that is really making treatment safer. The new interface means INRstar is even quicker and easier to use than before, and I find it particularly helpful that we no longer have to wait for dose queries.”
Denise Hicks, Practice Nurse at Clifton Medical Centre, Rotherham

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External Patient Lookup

In accordance with Caldicott 2 recommendations External Patient Lookup permits regulated and registered health care professionals (with INRstar Clinical Level 2 permissions or higher) to view patients’ records or treat patients who do not belong to their treatment location for the purpose of direct care. External Patient Lookup has been designed around optimal patient safety and data protection and offers an efficient and appropriate means of access to patients’ anticoagulation records.

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Nurse led clinics

Our clinically risk assessed role and permission functionality provides advanced support for nurse-led clinics in primary and secondary care to improve efficiency by delegating routine tasks safely.

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You can review and follow up patients on direct oral anticoagulants (DOAC/ NOACs) as part of your anticoagulation clinic. By using INRstar to manage your DOAC patients you can improve compliance and patient safety, efficiently ensure patients are followed up when necessary and record DOAC initiations and follow ups.

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INRstar analytics

You can monitor INRstar locations across your area so that you can improve anticoagulation services and instantly access data to help drive improvements to patient outcomes and service design.

“INRstar analytics has meant that we can extract easily outcome measureable data from over 50 practices and incorporate it into our GP mentor support packages for those practices as well as our quality and performance dashboards”.
Kim Cooper, Anticoagulation Programme Manager, Leicester City CCG

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HL7 laboratory interface

Our interface laboratory based anticoagulation services removes the need for duplicate manual entries so that you can you can save time and reduce the risk of manual entry transcription error at the laboratory, enhancing patient safety.

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Since starting to use INRstar, I have been able to complete many of the clinic’s day to day tasks so much more quickly and easily. Patrice McCarthy, Senior Anticoagulation Nurse at West Middlesex University Hospital