Location specific webinars

If your organisation is new to INRstar, we can make the introduction to our anticoagulation software an enjoyable and pain-free process.

Alternatively, your location may require a group ‘refresher’ training session to ensure you’re getting the most out of our recent functionality and feature updates. We design our location-specific webinars around the needs of your organisation so that besides the standard software training, we can include the following various topics:

Planning a Primary Care Service –

Seamless transition of care between primary and secondary care reducing secondary care activity and allowing patients to be treated closer to home. High standards of service can be provided in general practice with evidence based outcomes.

Local enhanced service

Levels 123 and 4 descriptions (Commissioning)

How clinical decision support software (CDSS) can enhance anticoagulation service delivery:

Training on the use of INRstar and the features that benefit the wider service.

Exemplar protocol for delivering services using CDSS and Point of Care Testing (POCT) tailored for local implementation;

  • Aim of the service
  • Objectives
  • Capacity considerations
  • Exceptions and exclusions from the service
  • Target indications for warfarin use and target INR?
  • Risk management /Implement risk management strategies

Management of the Anticoagulation Clinic

  • Identifying key personnel/ Levels of users within the service –recommendation on the skill base to perform testing and manage patients
  • Training – Requirements and where to go for training
  • Identification of patients suitable for the service

Clinic procedure

  • New patients – assessment
  • Annual review
  • Clinical guidelines for over anticoagulation
  • Adverse events definition and record management
  • Administrative tasks
  • Audit reporting

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