Benefits of using INRstar hospital

“INRstar [hospital] has really improved our clinic we use to do everything paper based. Using INRstar has made it a lot smoother to manage the case load... We run all our vitamin K antagonist patients through INRstar and use it to help manage and inform our dosing decisions where we can.” Henry Goss, Lead Surgical Pharmacist, North Devon District Hospital, North Devon Healthcare Trust

All your AC patients in one place

INRstar hospital supports:

  • All Direct Oral Anticoagulants (DOACS)
  • All vitamin K antagonists
  • meaning you can manage all of your AC patients in one place.

Stress-free support

We act on your feedback to continually improve our product and service.

  • 8,952 customer enquiries opened
  • 95.6% of enquiries closed within 1 hour
  • Figures from Aug 15 –Aug 16
  • Net promoter score of 53 compared to industry average of 19
  • 88%  of customers rated our support as 8 out of 10 or better
  • Figures from Jan 16 –Aug 16

Joined up patient care

External Patient Lookup allows  secondary care practitioners* to search for, view and treat anticoagulation patients whose anticoagulation is managed in a primary care setting. Treatments can be automatically viewed as part of a patient’s ongoing care record by their primary care physician.

* for the purpose of direct care only in accordance with Caldicott 2 recommendation


Our partners

INRstar hospital interfaces to all leading GP clinical systems including TPP SystmOne and EMIS Health.

Download our INRstar hospital leaflet to discover more

INRstar hospital-1-page-leaflet