Benefits of using INRstar analytics

INRstar analytics benchmarks locations against averages from over 1900 anticoagulation services

INRstar analytics offers an instant overview of INRstar location activity across an area without spending valuable hours collecting and processing individual data sets.

“We have been working with INRstar analytics to monitor and measure in real-time with a single push of a button not only activity, but more importantly quality metrics for patient safety and clinical outcomes for more than 50 practices”.
Emma-Jane Roberts, Deputy Director of Strategy and Implementation at Leicester City CCG

*Winner of the 2015 Ehealth Insider (EHI) awards “Excellence in Business Healthcare Analytics” category.

EHI Awards 2015 Winne*

What are the clinical governance benefits?

  • Undertake clinical audits quickly and effectively
  • No access to patients’ confidential data means full compliance with Caldicott 2 Guidelines
  • Ensure services are following NICE guidelines
  • Identify how safe and effective different parts of your services are and which areas need support
  • Benchmark against INRstar national averages from over 1900 services

How can INRstar analytics support efficiency and performance?

  • Pay services quickly and easily based on accurate patient and treatment data
  • Budget more efficiently and ensure your anticoagulation service comes in on cost
  • Compare different locations at the touch of a button
  • Benchmark against INRstar national averages from over 1900 services
  • Monitor uptake of newer oral anticoagulants (NOACs)
  • Quick access to the data you need to help you budget more efficiently

Why use a hosted IT application?

  • Web based so no backups are needed
  • No installation so easy to deploy and there is no IT requirement from you
  • Simple interface with free customer service support
  • Hosted on N3 so reliable, safe, secure and compliant

Service audits

Pay services, quickly, accurately and easily with an at a glance view of up to date, useful stats on:

  • Patient activity
  • Patient type
  • Number of reviews
  • Number of patients seen
  • Number of home visits
  • Number of treatments done
pdf-inrstar-analytics-benefits-leafletFor more details on availability and licence pricing, please email or call +44 (0)1209 721971Download our INRstar analytics benefits leaflet to discover more