INRstar analytics

INRstar analytics is a central analysis tool which allows you to transform the way you work with anticoagulation services across your area.

Now you can deliver a more effective and efficient service, with instant access to data across all your INRstar locations. Identify and support areas where time in therapeutic range (TTR) levels are either low or unstable, benchmark against high performing areas and share best practice.

*Winner of the 2015 Ehealth Insider (EHI) awards “Excellence in Business Healthcare Analytics” category.


EHI Awards 2015 Winne*

INRstar analytics supports you to:

  • Improve patient safety and reduce the number of adverse events
  • Manage anticoagulation more effectively to improve patient outcomes at population level
  • Identify patient TTR outcome trends by location
  • Accurately monitor TTR in order to advise patients about choices available
  • No need to rely on individual practices to provide data
  • Optimise your anticoagulation service for more significant return on investment
  • Positively impact stroke statistics with transformational anticoagulation service data
  • Compare the progress of any NOAC patient to other patients on traditional oral anticoagulants
  • Avoid overpaying services and control your budgets with up-to-date information at the touch of a button
  • Rely on us to install INRstar and coordinate area wide training without the need to commission expensive project managers

INRstar analytics can transform the way anticoagulation service data works for you. Making better decisions based on an instant overview of your anticoagulation services across multiple locations means you can improve patient outcomes and save service providers time and money.

“We are really excited about analytics. We used to spend a whole day every month gathering the activity, quality and clinical audit data from over 50 practices and developing quality and performance dashboards.”

Emma-Jane Roberts, Deputy Director of Strategy and Implementation, Leicester City CCG

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What does INRstar analytics mean to individual anticoagulation services in my area?

User feedback told us that valuable time is spent at practice / clinic level producing clinical audit and payment reports for the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) or Local Health Board (LHB). Now, by running our analytics tool, your CCG (with your permission) will be able to view and collate some of this data themselves, saving you time and money.

How does the Commissioner get permission to view my data?

If your CCG or LHB want to use INRstar analytics, they must ask permission from your service before they are able to access your data. A contract must also be signed, naming the locations for which data access is required, with confirmation of your permission to do so. INRstar analytics does not report on any patient confidential data.

What does this mean for commissioners?

Commissioners presented the problem of spending too much time gathering performance, quality and clinical audit data from different locations. INRstar analytics was designed in response to deliver an instant performance overview of anticoagulation service providers and locations without wasting valuable resources collecting individual data sets.

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